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Huntress Slideshow and Talk at Litquake 2009
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Huntress: Year One

Six minute slightly humorous overview of my graphic novel, Huntress: Year One, now in its second printing by DC Comics.

This was a reading at Litquake 2009 as part of their Visualize This: Graphic and Illustrated Novels series at the Koret Auditorium at the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library on October 1oth, 2009.

My apologies that the audio volume on this recording isn't loud enough. Also, you can't see the slides very clearly. Just thought I should warn you.

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I gulped when I saw the size of the stage. I tip my hat to you, Ivory.

Thanks for sharing such a well delivered and insightful talk. Seeing this and reading Shana McLean Moore's blog (http://www.redroom.com/blog/shana-mclean-moore/litquakes-barely-publishe...) certainly made us wish we were able to attend.

I think it's brilliant that the Red Room Team were there to support Ivory, Shana and Katie Burke!

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Good summary, Ivory. Nicely

Good summary, Ivory. Nicely done.

Randy Wong

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The evolution of the heroine

The evolution of the heroine and the fun way you presented her was quite enjoyable. Catching the knife [which you say is realistic] a great story hook. Wishing I was 29 to live in Gotham. The back story I think creates a believable character and this first book opens the door to her adventures now that she's all grown up.

Well done!

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Ryoma,if you and Gina are ever in San Francisco, you'll have to let us know. Randy, great to hear you chime in--glad I got the seal of approval, hope your writing is going well. Michael, we all want to be 29 and a superhero living in Gotham; I thought I'd outgrow that at some point but never have. I'm glad you find superheroes and knife-catching realistic. Me, too!

Ivory Madison
Founder and CEO, Red Room