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Isaac: A Modern Fable, which received a starred review in BookList, was released by Permanent Press in April.
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1. Fire lots of federal workers, including those who look after the infrastructure and regulate banks, medications, food, and airplane manufacturing. Call this trimming the fat out of the budget.

2. Unleash the coal companies. 

3. Let people die for lack of medical care, food, and shelter, but when pressed, look sorrowful about it. 

4. Make abortion illegal and contraception difficult to get.

5. Force seniors to evaluate lots of medical insurance plans and let them choose the fine print they like best for what we'll still call Medicare.  

6. Cut taxes for the very rich and don't distinguish between those who invest in the U.S. or offshore. They're all job creators.

7. Remove interest rate curbs from the privatized goldmine of student loans. (If you students have a problem with that, shop wisely for a college and borrow money from your parents).

8. Cut off funding for scientific research. Some of the results are unpleasant.

9. The above job-creating steps will create a huge federal surplus. At least that's the theory. Park it in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, & Bermuda. 

10. Proclaim that these nine steps are what God wants.

There it is, brief and clear: liberty and justice for all.