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Advance Praise for Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag
Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag


Sick Justice will be released in June by Potomac Books. It can be prepurchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will be available in better bookstores everywhere.

“Whether you are right, left or moderate, Ivan cannot be trusted to agree with you about anything. The trouble with him is, he investigates a matter in detail and then gives you facts likely to contradict the basis of your world view---or country view… If you're looking for a book to confirm what you already know, read something else.”

                        --Peggy Reavey, artist, addiction counselor.

 “An eye-opening and compelling critique of the American criminal justice system.”

                        – Marc Schuster, author of The Grievers

 “With deep reporting and crisp analysis, Goldman has written an important expose of a dysfunctional system that is a disgrace to the ideals America claims to cherish.”


                       --Michael Satchell, former Senior Editor, U.S. News & World Report.

  "Sick Justice should be required reading in every law school and police academy in America. This is an important book.”

                        --Lt. Neal Griffin, San Diego County law enforcement veteran and author of Benefit of the Doubt (Forge, Summer 2014) 

 "Goldman takes the academic literature and does it one better. Not only does he explain the roots and results of America's overincarceration problem in an understandable way, he puts a human face on the issue by telling the story through the lived experiences of real people unlucky enough to have witnessed the workings of the criminal justice system firsthand."

                        -- Neill Franklin, executive director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition