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Sorry guys. This page was fortuitously omitted from the last page of the novel Fractured Soul: ISBN 978-971-011-560-0.

On the next set of printing, rest assured, these references would be included at the last page of the book.








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Cars Performed by Gary Numan. Beggars Banquet. London: 1979.


Go Home Without You Performed by Maroon Five. A&M Octone Records. U.S.: 2007.


When Doves Cry Performed by Prince. Warner Bros. U.S.: 1984.


Boys Do Fall in Love Performed by Robin Gibb. Secret Agent U.S.: 1984


If You Leave Performed by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD). Pretty in Pink. London: 1986.


Billie Jean Performed by Michael Jackson. Thriller. U.S.: 1983.


Video Killed the Radio Star Performed by The Buggles. Island. London: 1979.


Out of Touch Performed by Hall and Oates. RCA. U.S.: 1984.



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