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In 1970's San Francisco there was a brief interlude when sex was more associated with pleasure than with sickness or sin.  This is the story of one woman's search for love, good sex, and happiness with a series of often bisexual or gay men.  For some this will be a fantasy, for others a look back at a piece of their own history.  For still others this will be an...
Doing It is a collection of carefully selected postings together with salient advice from famed sexologist Isadora Alman's Web site rubric "The Sexuality Forum," where readers of her advice column express their thoughts, experiences, stories, and suggestions on all topics sexual. Organized by the natural progression of relationships and inclusive of all gender preferences...
Let Talk Sex
Questions and answers on sex and relationships. "The curious, the innocent, and the twisted lay their hopes, fears, and ignorance about sex and relationships at her literary feet...and Isadora, like Glinda the Good Witch of the North, makes everything better." - The Spectator
Originally published as Aural Sex & Verbal Intercourse this is a book about people interested in sex - those who call the Sex Information Switchboard with their questions and concerns and fictionalized portraits of those who volunteer to address them. For reasons as varied as themselves they undergo extensive training in human sexuality and communications skills to prepare for...
"Isadora Alman has been called a hip Dr. Ruth, a sexy Dear Abby, and a bawdy Miss Manners. Her advice is to the point, funny and pertinent to anyone experiencing the delights and the dilemmas of being a sexual creature in today's perplexing world."