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Mar.05.2010 - 9:51 am
It's always up to you whether you choose to 'have' neighbors or not; whether you prefer to keep them at a distance or to make them function rather as 'family' to you. You have the...
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Jan.19.2010 - 5:47 am
That day I was in the kitchen, washing dishes and indulging in daydreaming when my loving husband entered and started looking for something to buzy himself with. I turned towards...
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Jan.13.2010 - 2:01 pm
Quite inhibiting to mention which favorite poem? but if one just tries to understand  this as an indication of one particular poem that  has influenced him/her immensely, then for...
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Nov.05.2009 - 8:03 am
My love of books and reading has been with me since early childhood; I remember that I used to finish reading the books of the syllabus before even the school year began. Father...
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Comments from Imen

Dec.03.2009 - 7:50 am
In response to: short story writing techniques
Thank you Asha. As a student I remember having read Hills like White Elephants and Mother by Sherwood Anderson; I also...
Jul.15.2009 - 6:31 am
Permission to write...from whom are you going to take it? husband? children? household chores? social duties? the...