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My name is Ilya Katz.
The сover vol. 1

My name is Ilya Katz. I’m a former political refugee from the Soviet Union, satirical writer, cartoonist, and lecturer, who just published 2 books “Obamasutra Illustrated: Insults for Special Occasions. For many years I was a prisoner of conscience; and now, I do not want to be a prisoner of nonsense. I ran thousands of miles to get away from a socialist “paradise” and do not want, after 34 years, to find myself back in it. I was one of the millions of slaves, who were forced to build the Socialist tower of Babel. Personally, I prefer the Capitalist Tower of Pisa – it leans but does not fall. Despite the fact, that life without future has left its terrible fingerprints on my throat, I’m not afraid of suffering from “Obamism”, because I was already financially circumcised and politically oppressed in the land of socialism.Today, I’m a proud senior citizen of the United States of America, retired but not retarded. As a father of four and grandfather of three children, who else will take a stand for their future? Twenty-five years ago, I was an active supporter of Ronald Reagan and strongly believe that our future is in our past. I was fortunate to achieve the American Dream as a lecturer and part-time professor of political studies at Loyola University, Columbia College, and YMCA community college, as well as a successful businessman and a satirical writer. My “Encyclopedia of Political Satire” is just out of print. The largest in the world of its type (more than a thousand aphorisms and 180 caricatures), may it help Conservatives win back America. If you will throw it at the window of the White House, the glass will crack. Please feel free to use it and win with it. I will be happy to offer “Obamasutra Illustrated”  for fundraising to support conservative candidates.If you are interested in finding out more about my writing, please, feel free to visit www.obamasutrabook.com.
            Also, I would like to share my experience on campaigns, Tea Parties, as well as other political meetings.

Ilya Katz, P.H.D.