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In the mountains of Honduras, it is said that the women grow old by the time they are twenty. In 1990, atop one of the highest mountains, a family of impoverished farmers was rumored to subsist on the only apron of land that had not been overfarmed, the last of the Maya descendants. I was the...
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THE SMART HEART On a blustery fall day nearly two years ago, weeks after my two daughters and one son were adopted from Ethiopia, our two wild furry springerdoodles escaped. This was the 5th escape in a month. I had caught them at several failed attempts, trying to escape in three ways: 1) by...
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Those of you who have been following me know that I have been traveling with my 10-year old daughter, newly home from Africa, on this book tour for "The Language of Trees." I came across this reading from Maya Angelou tonight and my daughter and I sat together and listened to this great poet...
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