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Could my passion for writing ever become defeated by the roadblocks of publication? No. Not as long as I remain grounded to the true meaning of life. 

Many have asked why do I write what I write? My response has been that it is because of my appreciation and respect for LIFE. However, I will elaborate further as to why my writing tends to be very selective. I grew up in the beautiful embrace of the rain forests of Nicaragua. Some say I was fortunate; others know the truth—that it was heaven until it became hell. As a child in that heaven, I enjoyed a world most people only dream of: endless days of riding horses through forests of warm rain…adventures on moonlit nights to the sound of distant jaguar cries. The forest was heaven and home, and then one day that childhood ended. In my new life I would witness one execution after another, pass corpses displayed in the streets, and watch as, day-by-day, the paradise I had known and loved was shattered.

Being that I obtained  a second chance in life as it was my destiny, I became a writer first for therapy and then for passion. Although there are many things I could write about, I have chosen to write about life and for life. My writing is dedicated to preserving our natural resources, particularly the rain forests of the world, describing life the way it truly is: beautiful but fragile, and for war victims, women and orphans leaving in the landfills who are often mis-understood and forgotten.

After being close to death several times as a child, and after losing many of my loved ones, I have concluded that every second that we are alive is priceless. Every life is worth a thought, a memory and a praise. No one's life is meaningless, it is all about the choices we make.

Works in progress: A novel based on growing in the rain forest during the Nicaraguan Iran-Contra deal, , A short novel in honor of the children of the landfills.

To read more visit: ileana4earth.blogspot.com 

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Its sad that online we are

Its sad that online we are all so busy writing that rarely do we browse the "latest blogs" to find a "gem" like yours.

I am more and more leaning toward describing the online world a dysfunctional sort place. I have a love of living as you do and totally agree with "every second that we are alive is priceless," but I wonder if the online life is similar to the a tragedy waiting to happen.

I love your passion and feel it. The purpose you have defined for yourself seems to be inspired and you are enthusiastic.

Nice to meet you___michael

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Hello Michael, Nice to meet

Hello Michael,

Nice to meet you too!  Thank you for your comment and wonderful words!

Keep living, keep writing!