where the writers are
„The Trial” (with and without) Kafka

you could have been

                               in turn:

the useless defence lawyer

the optimist corpse in your own body

the prosecutor with the wig greasy from trials

marathon of conscience

and the formal guilty murderer

                               you could have anytime been:

                               at the court the person

suspect of caution

the depressive witness and often the weapon

confessing the crime

                               you could have been in parallel

as you have been

always: the heterotopyc Divinity

familiar to everybody

                               at the same time

                               who makes a choice

can be immediately recognised

and dies for sure

                               in the end the sentence of the day

                               is cancelled

when the night sneaks in

the body of the resigned pope and dare

by the faith crunched in contumacy

but even then

                               with a lot of cruelty

and the silence as accomplice