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I am sneaking away from my children (especially the toddler) to write. After fuming and promising to lock myself in the WC without coming out until I finish my daily word count, I resorted to a less violent measure and hid in the kitchen. I didn't switch in the light and sat there quietly until...
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God (or whoever, whatever you are), give me a bit of arrogance necessary for keeping up being what I am, not "at my best" but "as I am", and be proud of it. For it is exactly this bit of arrogance that keeps you moving forward with writing (and blogging, for that matter) after...
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, yes, the biggest fear there is for an average teenager and pretty much an average adult too, and pretty strong for somebody like me. OK, I must say that I have been afraid of being ordinary because I was afraid that I would become ordinary and I still wouldn't belong. Being a weirdo is a pretty...
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I think that I know the main reason why I stop writing so often, get frustrated, drop it all, get scared, get nervous, get too self-conscious. Well OK, there is one good reson for stopping writing, and it is being happy, being so profoundly IN your life that you do not really need that other world...
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