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Wordle: a fun web application

I came upon this site, "Wordle", and fed my poem to it, and after a few "Randomizations" it turned out this beautifully scrambled result. (Click on the image for larger resolution.)

 Every day / second

Try it out. You can basically feed any text piece to this program, to gain another insight in it - or simply play and have fun. Just be careful with saving, you probably don't wanna save the names of all your lovers to  a web site where everything is publicly visible to anybody ;)

Oh, and if you have trouble posting it to Red Room, do as I did, do better than me:
1. Write all the text you want to have in the post, but don't submit yet,
2. Copy your "wordle" code (the typeset paragraph that begins with <a href=) from Wordle website,
3. Return to Red Room, click the blue "HTML" button at the bottom of the blog entry window,
4. In the new window, find the place where you want your pic thumbnail to be and paste the code from the Wordle website
5. Click "Preview" and edit if you need.

P.S. I haven't tested that yet but it seems this "HTML" button helps you to get rid of the annoying <!-- tags in the beginning of your text that occur if you paste your entry from a Word document - just click the "HTML" before submitting, erase everything that starts with <!-- and ends at >, don't touch the <p>, and you're set.