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God (or whoever, whatever you are), give me a bit of arrogance necessary for keeping up being what I am, not "at my best" but "as I am", and be proud of it.

For it is exactly this bit of arrogance that keeps you moving forward with writing (and blogging, for that matter) after you've come to understanding that in fact nothing you can say or do can change the overall balance (and beauty) of the universe.
Make one day happier to add to another's misery; cry today to rejoice at even the simplest pleasure of seeing snow fall slowly and graciously tomorrow.

Or keep yourself in the middle, in the clamshell of calmness and meditation that doesn't even go by this name really; for you are who you are even if you do not try to express or understand yourself, and you don't need all those fancy names and words to be who you are. Even if you were but a plant, a cockroach, a star, you would be yourself without thinking and trying; being human doesn't make you essentially different from the plant, the cockroach, the star.

And oh the arrogance, to think that it is important to say the abovesaid.