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As of this morning, you may now purchase Lost Apple at Amazon. This may be a more comfortable alternative for those who are more familiar with Amazon than other online book retailers. And, since I have fielded the question numerous times, you do not need to a Kindle, nor even an e-reader to...
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Available in most e-reader formats!
Please stay tuned for more information as I get my debut novel off the ground. Visit me at Wordpress for details, or check in with me on Facebook.
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  “There is a great deal of history in these old hills." said Schimmel. "The name was given or at least identified in the 1840’s by a settler who farmed in the valley.” “Obviously a Frenchman,” said Frank. “A German, actually—the French part is a mystery that I’m still trying to figure out."...
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At long last I am able to post the first chapter of Lost Apple here at Red Room. It may also be read at Goodreads, but for chapters 1 through 5, please visit my main Wordpress blog. As I move toward publication later this year, I will be posting a few more chapters as well background and related...
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This is crossposted from my blog where Parts I, II and III can be found, as well as more photos. It's a little over an hour from Paragould to Ravenden Springs Arkansas. The next morning I was up early and out the door, ostensibly to pay the tip I had overlooked the day before, but really to...
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This is part of a series crossposted from my blog where you can read parts one and two. After finding the School Cave, Bobby and I returned to the cafe as promised where I had one of the best hamburgers I've tasted outside of Colorado. We were the only customers in the tiny, and aptly named Back...
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This is a crossposting from my blog: I am moving ahead under full steam with the publication of Lost Apple as an e-book. I suppose there is nothing special in this fact, at this point everyone is doing the same thing. Writers today are in the midst of a sea change in publishing, the...
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