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Authors Who Blog Come Together To Help One of Their Own
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Red Room is proud to announce a collaborative effort with Karen Dionne of Backspace,an online community for published and unpublished writers, and three Backspace writers: Laura Benedict, Jessica Keener, and Susan Henderson.

Patry Francis is a talented author whose debut novel, The Liar's Diary, came out in hardcover from Dutton last spring. The trade paperback release is January 29th, but a few weeks ago, Patry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She's had several surgeries, and her prognosis is good, but given that Patry won't have much energy for promoting, a number of bloggers are banding together to do it for her.

The Liar's DiaryThe Liar's Diary Blog Day will be held January 29th. Authors who wish to participate are asked to mention the book on their Red Room blog that day and link to Patry's websiteand the book's purchase pageon Amazon.

Brilliance Audiois putting together a special audio clip that bloggers can use, and Circle of Seven Productionsis making a "cover story" video, which will also be made available. Susan Henderson of LitParksays if you're not sure what to say, you can visit her blog on the 29th and copy what she writes.

Just to give you an idea of what you'll see on the 29th, here are a few folks who have already stepped forward to help: Laura Benedict, who came up with the idea; Julie Doughty, Patry's editor at Dutton; Alice Tasman, her agent at the Jean Naggar Literary Agency; Laurie Collins, her publicist; Eileen Hutton at Brilliance Audio; Dan Conaway from Writers House; Sarah Weinman at Confessions of An Idiosyncratic Mind;Janet Reidfrom FinePrint; Hank Ryan from Jungle Red ; Jen Jordan at Crimespree;Gail Baker and The Debutante Ball;Jessica Brilliant Keener; Jacquelyn Mitchard; Susan Henderson; Michelle Richmond; Neil Gaiman; Khaled Hosseini; Jennifer Weiner; Victoria Zackheim; Peter Coyote; M.J. Rose; Bella dePaulo; David Montgomery; Nina Scuyler; Nancy Martin; Judith Tannenbaum; Richard Lewis; Bill Hayes; Felicia Donovan; Jacqueline Winspear; Publishers Weekly; Writers Digest; SMITH;Murderati—300 bloggers and counting.

If you'd like to participate, please contact Karen Dionne at karendionne@bksp.org,and she'll send you the audio and video clips, a press release from Patry's publisher, appropriate links, and other useful materials a few days before the event, or you can contact Red Room's Member Services Manager Thomas Dotson at thomasdotson@redroom.com.

Meanwhile, you can read Patry's unsentimental and inspiring account of how she's dealing with this setback on her own blog Simply Wait.And on behalf of Patry, thanks.

Huntington W. Sharp, Editor, Red Room

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