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Unintended Symmetry

One of the highlights of my work week is taking my proposals for what to feature on Red Room's homepage into Ivory's office for approval. She's pretty busy a lot of the time (we all are), so I enjoy the opportunity to sit quietly with her every Wednesday to share some of the best content I see uploaded by our community. There's a lot of high-quality stuff, and it's always a challenge to pick just nine items to feature every week.

Today, Ivory asked me if anyone had mentioned the symmetry of two adorable images, one directly above the other on this week's homepage. This week's Supported Cause is the ASPCA, and I pulled the cutest photo from the organization's website:

Cat and Dog



When I showed this image to Ivory last week, she insisted I email her a copy of the file. I imagine it's now her home computer's wallpaper, or maybe she printed it out and stuck it to her fridge.




As you know, Red Room teamed up with Debi and Will Durst last week at San Francisco's venerable literary hangout Tosca. Among the one hundred Red Room authors to come to the party were Lisa Brown and Daniel Handler, and on their way out, Renjie Wang caught what we all think is one of history's most precious couple shots:

Handler Brown




Anyone who knows Lisa and Daniel (even if, like me, you just met them for the first time that night) knows how well this photo matches their personalities.




I had to admit to Ivory that nobody had remarked upon the adjacent images' similarity. She was shocked, shocked, by that. Sometimes it's true that, when I'm putting together the homepage update, I lose sight of the forest for the trees. What excuse can the rest of you come up with, hmm?

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Pet Photo

I noticed the photo but photos like that are so much a part of my life that it was just one more adorable dog and cat photo on the road of life. It should have crossed my mind that this is not the norm for everyone in the Red Room!  LOL  I'm sorry that I didn't comment but.....