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My Letter to Mr. Ernest Hemingway

Hello Everyone:

Thank you all very very much for stopping by my Red Room Interwire  page. I deeply apologize for being away for so long, but it was only last week that I learned some Very Important Things about the kind of books I should be reading if  I want to achieve success toward my goal of being the writer that everyone else reads, or wants to read for people who don't have the time. The importants things that I learned inspired me to write this letter, which I hope you all find to be both practical and inspiring!


Thank you for your help.


Hugh Lafferty

Author of Hugh Lafferty's Affirmative Proscriptions for Life!



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Welcome Back!

This isn't intended to be humorous, is it? At first I thought it was, but after the first couple dozen readings I began to lose the notion that you were putting us on. You're a hellova writer, sir.

When your book is published, I'll probably read it over and over again.

If it's no good, I'll probably only read parts of it over and over again.

Welcome back to Blogovia.