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One legacy left from the week long Qi Gong practice with Xue is that my body has adjusted to the early morning schedule and I've been able to practice on my own at 7am every day. Compared to my previous routine - getting up before noon and going to bed in the early morning, I feel I've already made...
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In my last blog, I mentioned I began learning Qi Gong with a 84 years old man who benefited from Qi Gong and survived his stomach cancer when he was 33. In the last five days, we covered meditations on three acupunction points and a series of Tai Chi movements. I expected our co-ed practice to last...
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Years ago, I wished to learn Chinese martial arts with a Shi Fu. I specified the learning was no money related because usually my practice is interrupted when I couldn't afford such private coaching or when I have other priorities to invest in. My wish was intesified in Austin last month when I was...
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Debut story Blue Lovers read and performed in Hong Kong by Liars League. Check this out:   http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=om1lAzvJJOo
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Amazing Women   When we are alone, we talk but with no words. But we chat like business people, In front of others who truly want to trade.   So in our business scenes, You play a buyer, I a seller. How’s life besides our business? I asked, still. You know my age? I need to think about...
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