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Feb 2008

Howard Blumenthal has been developing, reinventing, and managing media and marketing ventures for more than 25 years. Often, these ventures are enabled by a novel synthesis of existing technologies. Currently CEO of Independence Media, he is developing a new multi-platform global learning service. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing & Interactive Media for Bertelsmann’s e-commerce group, and Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media for CDNow (an early leader in web-based content, internet technology, and e-commerce). He has been a senior executive with several startups, including KidSoft (acquired by Hearst), New Century Television (special interest internet channels), Glow in the Dark Productions (programs for Food Network, History Channel, HBO, Nickelodeon), and an advisor to several others. Earlier in his career, Blumenthal wrote MTV’s initial business plan, and served as head of production for Nickelodeon. His best-known television project is the Peabody Award winning PBS series, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Blumenthal is the author of 20 books, including the industry standard This Business of Television (Billboard Books, Third Edition). His work in publishing and related fields includes consulting and projects for Hearst, Wiley, Warner, HarperCollins, Infonautics, CompuServe, AOL, RCA, Scholastic, and Merriam-Webster.




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