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All the Steps I Have Taken Then and Now by Linda L. Christianson: A Review
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This is a short memoir about an expansive life and a woman’s amazing spirit. Linda Christianson was diagnosed with polio in 1948 when she was six months old. Many readers may be too young to remember this highly contagious disease that paralyzed many children until a vaccine became available in 1953. I remember it well because I contracted the poliovirus in 1952.


People speak of polio victims. Linda’s memoir convinces us that she is instead a polio survivor. Although the crudely made brace on the cover may engender sympathy, the memoir of this courageous woman inspires.


After briefly describing the medical facts about polio, Linda launches into her story. Instead of skipping and running through childhood, she went through surgeries, casts, braces and physical therapy to learn to take careful, slow steps. What makes her life impressive is that she never stops stepping. By careful planning of what corridor to walk down next, she has lived a full life and shown great resourcefulness. She outlines a history of the Mayo Clinic where she was treated and describes Rotary International’s Eradicate Polio Now program.


The strength she derives from her faith in God is sensitively put across. Of living her life fully she says, “I weave in faith and God finds the thread.” We all make choices of how to live through our problems. Linda L. Christianson lives positively. The book is highly recommended to anyone meeting physical challenges. All the Steps That I Have Taken Then and Now is forthright, moving and uplifting.


Reviewed by Holly Weiss, author of Crestmont