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Most writers would agree that conflict—or confrontation—can often be the most fun part of writing a book. On the page, conflict is where the story really takes off. But because I’ve been hard at work, all month, on the revisions for my forthcoming debut MG, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, I’m...
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For an idea junkie (like myself) who owns stacks upon stacks of spiral-bound notebooks filled with scenarios for new books, nothing is more exciting—or even really as satisfying—as starting a new novel.  I’m not sure even endings are quite as satisfying as sinking my teeth into a brand-new...
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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing, and I can’t think of a moment growing up when I didn’t dream of being a full-time author. I just always imagined myself making money doing the one thing I loved more than any… But I never imagined, in all those years of dreaming, that I’d ever have...
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Let’s face it—about, oh, halfway through the process of writing a book, when the glow of the “ah-ha!” moment of inspiration has long since died, and you’ve introduced so many subplots that you’ve begun to doubt that you’ll ever be able to tie the threads back together at the end, writing a novel...
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It just deserves it's own blog entry: my second YA novel, Playing Hurt, is now available! Playing Hurt offers a steamy romance for the older teen readership:  Chelsea Keyes, a high school basketball star whose promising career has been cut short by a terrible accident on the court, and Clint Morgan...
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Let’s face it—takes cantaloupe-sized cojones to read reviews of your own book.  Blog reviews, that is—which can be far more brutal in terms of honesty than a review from a trade publication.  Sure, some are more diplomatic than others, but for the most part, bloggers give guttural reactions to...
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I'm not just a lover but a savorer of words, nibbling the edges of sweet phrases.  Or gnawing on tough, blunt, real descriptions like they were hard caramels.  Words have always been my comfort, my savior, my skin.  And the joy of my life is that I get to make words my life's work... With one book...
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