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First Amendment Project Auction of book character names

The First Amendment Project is an organization that, among other things, funds legal representation for people such as reporters dealing with First Amendment issues.   As a writer and attorney, the First Amendment has been important to me.   I don't want to be censored, I don't want  my kids being told what books they can't read, and I don't want the newspapers or other reporting agencies to ever be in the position where they can't provide the public with the whole truth because of fear of being sued or put in jail. 

As part of their fundraising, the FAP is hosting an auction on Ebay where writers are auctioning off the right for someone else to name one of the characters in one of the writer's books.  All of the proceeds go to the FAP.

I am auctioning off the naming of one of the characters in the second in the Crescent City Mystery Series, Jambalaya Justice, which will be published early 2011 by Oak Tree Press.  It is the follow up to Gumbo Justice, and the winning bidder gets to pick from a list of characters to be named- for female names, a dead hooker, a spirited prostitute, or a serious junior prosecutor, and for male names, a kindly old judge, a young spineless judge, or a butt-ugly pimp with a serious criminal record who is a murder suspect.  

The winning bidder also gets a signed copy of the book, and either a phone call from me or within the next year they can spend an evening drinking for free in my New Orleans metropolitan area bar, with me and one of the real-life characters from Gumbo Justice and Jambalaya Justice, Big Who.  In both books, Big Who owns a pawn shop and a Bourbon Street strip club; the real life man used to work in a pawn shop and owns the bar with me.  Other than that, he is the same person. 

There are many authors participating, and if you get a chance, even if you are not interested in bidding or can't afford to bid at this time, check out the listings because there are interesting biographies of many of the writers, and some are well-known.  

They are also auctioning off a character in a graphic novel, where the writer will draw you in the novel, and naming a character on the Showtime Series, "Weeds."  

Here is the link to the four pages of authors http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=6948.  (Right now my listing is on page 2 under Holli Castillo, but the page number will likely change when the group before us has ended.)

All proceeds benefit the FAP, andwhile the authors receive no compensation, it's well worth it to me to give someone else a little control over one of my characters, as well as give up a free book and volunteer a little of my time.  I hope every writer makes the sale for FAP because FAP is such a worthy cause for writers to support.