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Confessions of a Junk Heiress

Every day I become more and more dismayed at the books being "written" by famous people.  It breaks my heart that my own novel will likely never sell as many copies as the books by such people as Paris Hilton, Madonna, or Miley Cyrus.   I have nothing personal against these people, but I'll admit, my green-eyed monster rears her ugly head when I hear Lauren Conrad (from Laguna Beach) has written a best seller.

First, I have to doubt the actual authorship of some of these books.  Some of the famous people allegedly writing books are unable to formulate and/or express an intelligent thought, much less write it down in book form.  Without a doubt, many of these books are ghost written, and if these stars didn't have famous daddies or have already made it in another art form,  there would have been no book.  

I don't have the privilege of being a hotel heiress, the daughter of a famous singer, or a pop star. I am, however, a junk heiress. My father owned 1/3 of a junkyard empire just outside New Orleans.  Upon his death, it transferred to my mother, and someday, hopefully far in the future, I, too, will own 1/3 interest in a junkyard.  I can absolutely guarantee my status as a junk heiress had nothing whatsoever to do with me getting a book contract.

There are a lot of people out there famous for doing nothing, the most recent, Levi Johnston, whose claim to fame rests in the fact that he impregnated a 17-year-old.  If that somehow qualifies him to be an actor or a model, there are thousands of qualified actors and models roaming the halls of the public high schools in New Orleans.   I am also at odds with actors and singers who think we care about their opinions on who we should vote for;  they act or sing, they don't cure cancer. They need to get over themselves.   And don't get me started on the actors who decide they can sing, or the singers who decide they can act, and the models who decide they can do both.  And eventually, they all decude they can write a book.  

But I digress.  While I find it kind of appalling that the Lauren Conrad's and Paris Hilton' s of the world get to have a book on the bestseller's list, I also have to think these types of writers are probably reaching a new audience of readers, an audience that ordinarily wouldn't have cracked opened a book on a bet.  So despite my jealousy, perhaps these stars are performing a service. 

And at the very least, I have a strong feeling the trend is providing a host of jobs for ghost writers.   

Holli Castillo