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 am moving to prague week after next.

 am at that stage in my packing where anything i can't get into my suitcases (three huge ones!) goes in the bin. well, there's an exception - i've found a decent foster home for my yellow hula hoop.

 reading up on czech history. in awe of the velvet revolution - such a radical switch made so peacefully...you can get giddy on its rarity alone.

 ahoj! jsem vegetarian!

 any prague-related tips much appreciated.

na shledanou. 


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prague tip

Bring the yellow hula hoop.

Sorry, that's not helpful, but I couldn't resist.

I visited Prague many years ago. Amazing city. Loved the bridges and the buildings, the music in the streets and the fried cheese.

Have a great trip and a smooth move. -Greg.

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I hope your move is easy.

I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. We will look forward to hearing about it.

I am moving to Uganda in about three weeks. I too, have three suitcases.

I hope to write of my experience, and hope it is amazing, as well.

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thanks, chaps. Sharon-

thanks, chaps. Sharon- Uganda! you're an adventuress. extra adventuress points if you're flying with a one way ticket. am sure it will be amazing; when you have three suitcases it means you're prepared for all eventualities.

Greg: fried cheese-! do i dare? we'll see.

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Fried Cheese & Chaucer

Thanks for stopping by my Red Room and leaving a comment on my letter to Chaucer. Much appreciated.