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Jun.27.2011 - 7:25 pm
Today's post comes from Seth Godin, uber-sales guy.  What sets him apart from the slick and slimy is that he shows actual respect for human beings. (Among his zillion book titles...
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Jun.11.2011 - 2:01 pm
Following through on writing projects (or any other endeavor that's not "necessary" to life) is a common problem for people who really DO want to write, or paint, or...
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May.28.2011 - 10:53 am
Nowadays when I get stuck on a writing project, I'm learning to move my attention away from the problem I'm trying to solve.  I close my eyes and pay attention to what's happening...
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May.24.2011 - 4:59 am
There's quick-turnaround writing, and then there's the slow roasted variety. Blogs are in the first category. No matter how long the writer spends on a post, the reader's click...
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Comments from Helen

May.09.2011 - 11:35 am
In response to: Freshly cut growth
Jitu, thank you! I did get some technical help on this from RR, but i haven't had time to implement it.
May.07.2011 - 7:17 am
In response to: New member Orientation
http://hmallon-ftheeiwasateenagequaker.blogspot.com/ I do appreciate comments and 'followers!' many thanks!
May.07.2011 - 7:13 am
In response to: New member Orientation
Hi, Richard, I did send you my email address. Let me know if you didn't get it. the message had to be 'approved' by...
May.06.2011 - 9:53 am
In response to: New member Orientation
I will send you a message via  Red Room!
May.05.2011 - 3:13 pm
In response to: New member Orientation
I'd be happy to.I can't spend a lot of time on it, but I'll certainly take a look and let you know what I think. It...