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Winston-Salem, NC
Aug 2009

Helen Losse is the author of Better With Friends (Rank Stranger Press, 2009) and two chapbooks, Gathering the Broken Pieces and Paper Snowflakes and the Poetry Editor of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Her recent poetry publications and acceptances include Shape of a Box, Right Hand Pointing, Hobble Creek Review, The Wild Goose Review, and Blue Fifth Review.  Educated at Missouri Southern State University, Helen majored in and later taught English in private schools in Charlotte.  Then twenty-five years later, she  returned to school at Wake Forest University, where she studied creative writing and African American history, while earning the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.  She wrote her master's thesis "Making All  Things New:  The Redemptive Value of Unmerited Suffering in the Life and Works of Martin Luther King Jr.," studied poetry with Jane Mead, and fiction with Julie Edelson.   In her poetry, she sometimes combines her interest in creative writing  with knowledge of African American history in an effort to promote equality, justice, and a quest for peace. Helen lives in Winston-Salem with her husband Bill and occasionally writes book reviews for various magazines.  She is active in the peace movement and other social causes.  


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Helen is an avid rail fan, where she enjoys the interplay of the natural world, mostly flowers, with mechanical invention, and a NASCAR fan, where she pulls for Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch, among others.