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Food is life, and best memoirs seem to center on the topic, as in Ruth Reichl's best memoirs

Ruth Reichel, former Gourmet Magazine editor, was asked to list her favorite food memoirs for an NPR interview. She, of course, listed M.F.K. Fisher, Anthony Bourdain, and Calvin Trillin's Tummy Trilogy. Too bad Ruth could not list her own, for they are my favorites.

Both Comfort Me With Apples, and Tender at the Bone, are extraordinary in their storytelling.

Reichl's later memoir Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise,  included her comedic adventures of trying to review restaurants while disguised... as her own mother. What a wonderful way for a memoir to draw us in to the lives of the characters.

Helen Gallagher



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M.F.K. Fisher!

Helen, I was sure when I wrote the instructional post for this blog challenge that Vidal's Palimpsest was my favorite. I haven't read Reichl's books, but how could I have forgotten M.F.K. Fisher? I've read and reread The Gastronomical Me at least as many times as Palimpsest. Thanks for the reminder!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room