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"1000 Sacred Places" is the perfect gift book
"1000 Sacred Places"

Books are among my all-time favorite presents. The unique nature, thoughtfully chosen by someone who knows when a book is right for me, and with it comes the promise of time. Yes, a rich span of time when I can read at leisure, and dream of far-off places. What better gift for the book lover in your life this year than 1000 Sacred Places: The World's Most Extraordinary Spiritual Sites.

 It deserves a lavish, full-color, reveiw, but with the holiday rush, I'm eager to just share the basics with you now, and post a link to the full review some quiet January day when I've had that treasured reading time.

1000 Sacred Places, by Christoph Engels, is bursting with over 900 full-color pages, in a handy 6 x 9 format, making it much more accessible than a standard coffee-table book. The content is equally rich with his writing and details of these most special places in the world. This is a book to be read again and again, not only admired on a coffee table.

 Helen Gallagher