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50K in my Nano!

so sorry that I haven't blogged in the last few days. I had some issues at home and then I couldn't get into my redroom account. But, its all fixed now and I'm going to catch you up.

I have been busily writing and have finished, or rather reached the 50,000 word mark. I'm not ready to call it a book yet though. I've re-read it, had one of my Nano buddies read what I've got...we agree there's something just not quiet right. The plot is blotchy, the characterization for some is over sold and others simply not there.

I've reached a stopping point in my novel, so I think I'll call it finished. I plan to spend the rest of the month adding some and taking some away, so in no way is this thing done.  I'm sure I can easy revise on this for the next year or longer, but I"m working on my imaginary line to stop at. I think that while the point behind NANOWRIMO is to simply write the novel, what are those that reach the mark early supposed to do. Of course, if the story goes beyond 50k I'm sure it'll be okay.

So, now I must decide where to go from here. But I will gladly pat myself on the back for reaching 50k, considering last year I didn't make it past 25k.

Off to see what sort of damage I can do to my MS now. :)