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my favorite holiday gifts

 I relish reaching far back into time to truly gain perspective on my favorite holiday gifts.  Its the mid to early fifties in El Paso ,texas. I am 4 years old. we live on brown street, in a snug house with a unit in the back.  If we were lucky during christmas, it would leave a blanket of snow all around. my parents would have parties with nat king cole, sinatra, also a mix of different  latin music. my grandfather would be tending bar. we would get our annual dollop of a tom & jerry. [rum and eggnog]  my mom would decorate the house to the nines,as christmas was her favorite holiday. the smell of tamales, turkey, ham, would fill the air as we would anticipate santa claus arrival. my earliest recollection of my first gift was a metal wind up train on a circular track. I remember riding in an musty old car with  a strap across the back of the front seat as we would be taken to go pick out 1 present at the store, sometimes two. my parents meant well, though it was anticlimatic when there was no sleepless nights anticipating what christmas morning would bring.  I am truly fortunate to have experienced the fifties,when things were more simplistic.