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The Case of the Disappearing Doormat

The Case of the Disappearing Doormat
Get your very own "Autumn Stripe Doormat" at Cost Plus -- Only $12.99. (Just don't take mine.)

Last night, I came home to an empty doorway. Usually, I'm greeted by a brightly colored doormat, which oddly enough gives me a little smile at the end of the day before I step over my threshold. Last night, though, it was different. There were no bright colors to be seen.

I immediately called my fiance. "Honey, did you remove our doormat for some reason?"

He of course replied, "Why would I do something like that?"

I decided to investigate, and walked downstairs to look within the building. It's not a very large building, so I knew that it wouldn't take very long. In fact, it only took two minutes to find my doormat -- it was sitting very happily in front of the door directly below mine on the floor below, with two pairs of shoes next to it.

I took my doormat back up to my own apartment, then returned to replace it with a note: "Kindly do not remove my doormat again. If you like it, you can get one at Pier 1." (Actually, it's Cost Plus, but I'm not going to go put in the correction with them.) When I went down to my car this morning, the note was gone. Message received.

My remaining question is, who does something like that? Who steals a doormat and places it in front of their own door, right below the original owner's? I haven't actually met the inhabitants of this apartment, but now I'm not sure that I want to.

Although ... perhaps I can just thank them forgiving me a topic for my first blog entry.

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An Update

This weekend, my neighbor came to visit me about the note I left. It turns out that he hadn't taken the doormat, and was just as confused as I was by seeing it appear by his door. He mentioned that since he leaves his shoes outside the door, he doesn't even need a doormat.

Looks like the practical joker in the building got us both. If only I knew who it was, I could return the favor.

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Great story...very interesting!

A unique way to meet your neighbor below you. Now to meet the real culprit. Please keep us posted. I think this mystery may have a happy ending.

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Happy Christmas

It's interesting how we meet people isn't it. Sometimes we don't understand the wisdom of the universe so to speak. I hope your neighbours shoes don't disappear and appear in front of someone else's door, he will be shoeless. Welcome to the red room with your first blog.

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What a delightful post!
I am glad you weren't a doormat, when it came time to speak up about yours.

I look forward to reading more.