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If You Read Just One Thing Today...

If You Read Just One Thing Today...

One of the best parts of working for a company like Red Room is being involved in amazing conversations with both new writers, and learning more from writers I have met in the past. After returning home from an election party last night, I received a message from Lawrence Grobel that brought tears to my eyes. I was lucky enough in college to take an "Art of the Interview" course with Larry, and have stayed in touch with him off and on throughout the years.

If you readjust one thing today, please read the essay that Larry posted on Red Room. I personally believe this is the type of writing that brings history to life, and is extremely relevant right now.

- Heather Goyette, redroom.com 

P.S. Feel free to send the link on to anyone else you know, both on Red Room and in your life.