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Oct 2008

 I have a non-commercial website - www.aspaceoflove.com that's dedicated to Freely Giving tools that can transform your life! You'll find Free Audio-Downloads and eBooks for children & adults as well as Ecourses
You'll find a Fantasy Adventure for young adults, Self-Help Audio Downloads, a One-Woman Musical Comedy. 

Several years ago I wrote a spiritual fantasy adventure for young adults called, Children of Light (endorsed by Deepak Chopra, M.D., Jack Canfield, and other best-selling authors).  The story is a fun introduction to quantum physics and perception creating reality.

I'm now working on a new book called "Children of Light: Parallel Worlds."  In the original story two teenagers about to die from hypothermia, are rescued by a mysterious little girl.  But when they wake up in the morning they discover no one can see them, hear them or touch them.  They're not dead, but they're on a different dimension.  In this version of the story the teenagers are 'guided' through this dimension, and they quickly discover they need to apply what they learned when they return to their own dimension if they want to survive.

In COL: Parallel Worlds I created a more 'adult' version where the teens actually die.  And in this case they must learn from their own past lives what it is they need to know in order to pass through the membrane that exists between parallel worlds.  (I'm hoping to create a blog so that I'll write more regularaly - right now I'm juggling phone counseling work, home schooling my daughter and 3 horses!)

Here's the opening of PW:

Amelia lay on her back watching clouds effortlessly shape-shifting as they drifted in the gentle breeze.  The day moved along as any day would.  The sun traced its customary path across the heavens, yet it never seemed to set.  Sounds of nature surrounded her as the creek burbled and splashed in the hypnotic way that creeks do.  Moments, hours or days could have gone by – in timelessness it’s impossible to tell.   

But there is a moment everyone experiences in death.  The moment when you finally realize, there is no death.  There is only life.  And then the grand irony collides with everything you once believed about being able to control your life:  Life has a life of its own.  

The Silent Language of Peace is a 60 Day Audio Program.

You'll learn how to re-pattern your thoughts and work with 'sound healing' techniques:  The Testimonials will give you a sense of how powerfully transformative this program is: 

This is truly transformative, especially in combination with the Free eCourse "Effortless Transformation."



  "Twin Flames and Other Natural Disasters" is a one-woman musical comedy, first performed at the King's Head Theatre in London, England (Off-West End).  I wrote and performed this show.  It's all about our 'mythology' in love!

Download it Free:   http://www.aspaceoflove.com/lovers_download.html




This is an affirmation CD with lullabies and 'toning' - singing on one note with music.  Children adore this (and so will your inner child).  

Read the affirmations here:   http://www.aspaceoflove.com/children.html

Free Download here: http://www.aspaceoflove.com/COL_affirm_download.html











I hope you'll visit www.aspaceoflove.com and see what's there for you!



New Age Spirituality (I enjoy simplifying spiritual concepts - making them fun, interesting and doable!)

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Children of Light: Parallel Worlds

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I home school my daughter and we play a lot with our horses!  (Makes it hard to write regularly, but we sure have fun!)