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Insight Environmentalism

Six years living upon the Atlantic Ocean taught me this. When everything strips away (the comfort of warmed and cooled buildings; the security of roads, gas stations, armies and on-call doctors; the spin of advertisers, twenty-four hour news producers, and politicians; the camaraderie and routine of jobs; the personal stash of dreams, failures, and accomplishments), when we are naked and vulnerable to our surrounds and the ego no longer has relevance to the moment, when all that matters is our relationship to the cosmos and a burning desire to get along, then, then it is easy to see how deeply we sit in the belly of the universe, governed by Laws of Nature, World ever after. Amen. 

There is no freedom outside the boundaries of natural order. There is no national sovereignty and no self-made-man. There is no me or mine, you or yours. There is no past and no future. There is no question of ultimate compliance. 


When every scheme, opinion, and distraction falls away and all that is left are humble witnesses to the great glory of infinite creation, then the meaning of life is made clear: we are to go forth confidently and manifest compassion, kindness, and collaboration. This is how we think and act as an ecosystem. This is how we thrive as a member of the whole.