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Tantalus,my Tantalus



 Tantalus, my Tantalus, tortured by your perceived evil deeds

Looking up longingly at the grapes that hang before you

Just out of reach

As the water drains from around your immersed body,

Leaving you dry and wanting

I ,Persephone can see your pain,

While I hide behind the pillars, dressed in white,

Knowing that your bonds are self inflicted,

Through your own guilt

Your own desire to break free

But held by the chains of fear

That I alone can see, can see into your soul

While you hide your head in shame

Trying to fit your tortured soul  into an impossible place,

And I want to free you.


And I live in my own dry place,

Thinking of you

Aching to take the bonds that bind you,

And let you set yourself free

AS I set myself free

After years of slogging through the thick karma of our lives

.Karma, thick as molasses, impeding our every step ,for millions of lives

Feet stuck in it, globs of it in our hair, even some blinding us, dripping from our crowns

But still chanting ,as we slog through more and more thickness, sucking t us like quicksand

When will it stop

 And thin to clear living water,

And bathe all the stickiness away,

When? When we both decide

Decide to break free

 Break free, roaring like lion and lioness!