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Roller Coasters And Conveyor Belts



There are people

Who go through life

With flat affect

Moving through their days

Like a conveyer belt

Content with days spent working

At jobs they only do for money

To support their families

Then come home and flop

In front of the tv after dinner,

mesmorized by false lives

that are either humorous or tragic

to escape the flatness of their own.


But then there are other people

Who go through life

As if on a roller coaster,

Each experience having sharp highs and lows

But in doing so


The highs bring vibrant color,

Lilting music,

Smells of fresh jasmine

Or apple pie cooking

Each surface they touch

Velvet ,satin or concrete or sandpaper

But felt.

But the lows are the dark pit

Where color is absent,

the only sounds clashing noise,

the only smells ,garbage


so I ask myself

Which do I want to be

A conveyer belt

Or a roller coaster?

And I will pick the roller coaster every time

Over mind numbing television,

robot jobs,

Fast food and football

Instead wanting to savor

Each high and low

Euphoria and despair

And know that I am alive.