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In the past week we have had two significant snowstorms,breaking all records of snow accumulation in the Philadelphia area. The first snow was the light fluffy fine powder that rests lightly on trees and bushes,covering the world in white powdery stillness and making the job of shovelling out not...
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our house in winter
The February sun shines with ever increasing length and brightness And each day,the icicles hanging from the eaves of my house,  drip in a steady rhythm much like the melting of a broken heart that was thought to be forever frozen in time But no,that coldness cannot last forever in me As I feel the...
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when I think of freedom I see it can take many forms,like honesty can.For instance,We live in a "free country" have freedom of speech,religion, and "life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" But these are words in the Constitution,and,like words in the Bible,can be twisted and...
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On Super Bowl Sunday the last piece of the cyberpuzzle fell into place.  an editior friend of mine decided to vist the narcisistic poet's website,and,upon finding new and lovesick poems there,was able to see what my blind eyes hd refused to see.Thos poems were there bcause He had found someone else...
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the snow that coveres everything
It is snowing heavilly as I look outside,cozy in my warm office,snowed in for the day,maybe two. Yesterda was not so nice,when I discovered the discrepancy of what can be written and what is really said. I had been looking at my past love's website,to see if any new poems had been written there.And...
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The Ocean(could it now be a pond?)
I visited his site today, not expecting any new poems to be there, just the old ones that had begun to fade into the back recesses of my mind, but there,right on the page He spoke of me,I know,knocking at his door,welcoming him with open arms And how he didn't realize at the time That my words...
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Brett,grandkids and me
From 4th grade on my second son,Brett,decided school was "optional" . It had no rhyme or reason that I could see,just one day I would find him in "child" (yoga) position,in his pj's,5 minutes before the school bus was to arrive. My husband would skip out the door at 7:30am...
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Meg with her kids
At exactly 8:10 am,EST,I pushed out my baby girl,35 years ago.They placed her,cord still attached on my belly,and she opened her little black eyes and looked right at me,making the  tiny cry of the newborn. they cleaned her up,gave her a perfect Apgar score,my husband was standing at my right,and...
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Annika,age 2
Today my husband,daughter,her husband and the two grandkids went to the church for our directory pictures. I am writing about this because getting grandkids to sit is comical in itself,and getting growups to sit according to the photographer is even funnier. I told the photographer to make sure she...
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Annika and Will
This morning,as I look out into partial sunlight and bitter cold,my house is silent.My son has gone to bed(to rest up for his night shift tonight) my husband is at work,and I am thinking about the squeals of laughter last night during my grandkids visit. Their mother was taking a workshop in the...
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This is a very hard topic,redroom,and I will tell you why.From the time I learned to read at age 6 I devoured books and have ever since.  AS I age,my tastes have changed,probably due to my time running out.so I cannot pick just one book. However,in 8th grade I read "Gone With The Wind"...
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stormy skies
I look ouside my window and see the trees swaying,their bare branches clacking like horns of bucks in battle over a mate.  Rain pelts down,lashing the wind against the windows,but I am in my house,safe and warm,well fed,rested.And I am thinking of Guivener,the little 5 year old Haitian boy I have...
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Longwood Gardens with Orchids
A day or two ago a member on here asked for blogs on heartbreak,being close to Valentines day and all.  And I got to thinking about the heartbreaks in my life and how they have caused me to come full circle. My earliest heartbreak that I can remember was when my mother tried to commit suicide(I was...
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this si what I learned at a "family constellation" worksop I attended today:   Whatever we do the soul plays a part in it sometimes we do something bad,the soul plays a part, sometimes we do something good,the soul plays a part, sometimes we do something senseless,and still,the soul...
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me reading to my then infant granddaughter.
I dont think I can pick just one short story as my favorite,having read so many.But I tend to like the horror and suspense genre.  Edger Allen Poe,with his peyote inspired short stories such as "the tell tale heart" and "The Pit and the Pendulum" Were some of my earlier...
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