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The best Parenting advice ever

As a parent and a grandparent I ahve read many books on parenting.some I agree with,some I disagree with.but what I ahve found most useful of all has been my own experience as a child,a mother and now a grandmother.


I come from a long line of alcoholics,mentally ill abusers.  I learned,when I was a parent myself what I didnt want to repeat.but I was unsure of what I did want to do. So it was a period of trial and error,especially with my first son. Kids dont come with instructions. yet there were certain instinctual maternal  beliefs I had. when my babies cried I went to them and assured them of unconditional love,which I never had. I also taught them consequences for their choices and actions.I taught them courtesy,by modelling it.Kids learn more from how you behave than whaat you tell them.


In 1984,after graduating from college,I got sober and began a whole new life. my kids were 9,12,and 16.  I had always been involved with their activities and never drank during the day.But my marriage was an unhappy one,and I ahd depression.  so I got treatment for both and began the long uphill climb in my recovery. 

My cildren are now grown with children of their own.  They are excellent parents.tyhre is no alcohism in their ojmes.And I am a very involved gramma.  The mistakes I made with my own kids I avhe gotten to do over right. I am my grandkids second mom,and ahve been since they wrew born. I go to their ball games,their concerts,their art shows.  I have read to them,playd with them,taught piano to them.They know unconditional love I fel blessed with the opportunity to break the chain of generations.its hard,but it can be done.and my kids and grandkids taught me evwerything I know about parenting.