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Today the third of November is the first sunny day we have had in almost a week.The sky is a deep cobalt blue and the trees are alight with gold. It is also the first anniversary of Barack Obama's election to the presidency. And I am happy he has made it this far without some nut assassinating him!

I have a friend who hates November because it has such long dark nights.But he lives in Maine,where winter will soon set in,along with darkness at 3;30 pm,by DEcember. So he plays "Flight simulator" on his computer and watches football.

Soon I will venture out in the crisp air to walk to the polls to vote for our local representatives. I have never missed voting,even when it is a local election only.My husband is working at the polls today,and we will cancel out each other's vote as we always do,him being Republican.

But what I really wanted to write about was the wonderful memories of three days ago on Halloween. AS is the custom every year(for the past 4 years) I visit my daughter's family and go trick or treating with the grandkids. This year we were joined by Meg's mother in Law,Johanna,Dutch born,practical and always smiling. I decided to be the GREAT PUMPKIN this year,finding an orange leaf bag in the basement.I clipped it together with clothespins with a hat for the top.It was a rainy humid night,a little too warm for goblins,but off we wen. Annika,age 2,in her Tinkerbell outfit,complete witha flowered headband set on her head with her masses of blonde curls cascading around it. Will,age almost 5,was clad in boots,vest,hat and fishnet..a fisherman like his dad. Meg and Johanna went as mother and grandmother. Annika took my hand,wide eyed,watching her brother charge up each walk to the house door,shoving his trick or treat pumpkin and UNICEF box in the face of the door answerer,only remembering to mumble and "thank you" at the prompt of mother and grandmothers.

Annie soon followed her brother,not sure of what was really going on,but soon began to see that the end result would be food.So she filled her little cloth basket and said"tank yoo" andhappily took her grandmothers hand to go on to the next house.

When we were finished(Annie letting us now by saying "Annie home") we spent some time on Megan's porch listening to music from "Psycho,"Halloween" and "The Exorcist" while munching on candy and watching Will "dance his twinkle dance" to the music.

And I knew that these precious days would end all too soon,when the kids grew older,preferring to go out with their friends,and so,tucked them away to cherish in my mind,forever.

And now the Halloween decorations are taken down,the Thanksgiving decorations up,as we begin the downward spiral into the craziness of the next two impending holidays! So I think I will just stick with today for now,enjoy the sunshine and keep the memories close to my heart to keep me warm these next few months.