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my favorite detective

I cannot narrow it down to one,as I read,almost exclusively,mysteries. However,Robert Parker(the late great author of the Spenser novels) is one of my all time favorite.His character development of Spenser,Hawk,Susan,and others flow  nicely with his sharp wit and humor.

While this is more of a "mans' detective story,I find it very good reading.My Dad liked Parker,too,which probably has something to do with it.

I love Parker's minnimalist style of writing(much like I like Hemmingway for the same reason) every word packs a punch,and there is a mix of tender love and brutal macho collisions with the bad guys. Parker is a gentle giant behind that tough exterior,which has always appealed to me in a guy. He is edu ated,a gourmet cook,and a quoter of Shakespeare!

Now on to my favorite female detective,STephanie Plum,of Evanovich fame. I have been known to laugh out loud while reading her novels,because her charcters are so dysfunctional and crazy that they remind me of my own family.

There is Grandma Mazur,who wears spandex at 85,has been known to "pack heat' and goes for all of STephanie's hot boyfriends.Her favorite passtime is going to the local funeral home to see the latest body laid out.She has even been known to sneak in and open a closed casket!

There is RAnger,the sexy hispanic antihero,who lives under the radar of the law,just enough to get things done that otherwise couldn't get done.And there is Joe,the cop,also a hottie,who is STphanie's live in-live out boyfirend.The tension between her attracteion for RAnger and Joe,always makes her life interesting.

And then there is Lula,the "woman of substance" who was a former "ho" who also dresses in animal prints and spandex,clinging to her more than ample frame,who accompanies STephanie on her jaunts,making things even mroe slapstick,as STephanie manages to wreck cars left and right,lose the bad guys while barely escaping with her life,only to havev Lula come to the "rescue" by so totally blowing away the baddies with her larger than life personality.

AS you by now can see,I love both these authors. I have read every one of their books. I never tire of their wit,writing skills and character development.

And I get vicarious thrills from their continuously shifting world,somehow attaining victory over the baddies in the end.