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Anni "twinkling"

Having close proximity to my grandchildren is a wonderful thing.I have seen every"first" for both of them,first smile,first gurgle,sitting up,first step,first word,and,yesterday,my five and a half year old grandson showed me how he could just hop on his new two wheeler and ride down the sidewalk!Smiling,with his little helmet on,bike wobbling a little,he nevertheless had mastered a new skill,and it warmed my heart to see his beaming little face!  Annika,not to be outdone,had to show me how she could kick a soccer ball(she is only 2.5) and throw the ball to gramma!

I have watched my grandkids discover their first flower,or see an ant crawling along the sidewalk,or listen to Will as he is now able to read many words!  I have heaard Will,after he hits a "holy mackeral" with his t-ball set,say"gramma,say yay"

And I cant help but think how long it took me to learn to fly..my whole life,maybe,and I am still flapping with clipped wings!

How I rejoice in their confidence and courage,knowing they are loved,not afraid to try new things.For this gift their mother gve them I am so grateful!

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Grandmothers Rule!

Dear Heather,

What a great expression of the adventures of being a Grandmother. Every discovery gives us new vision. My Daughters used to groan when I stated that my Grandchildren were gifted. However,I know that we are the ones that have received these treasured gifts.

I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading your very talented observations in the future.

Have a great day!

Mary Walsh