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when I think of freedom I see it can take many forms,like honesty can.For instance,We live in a "free country" have freedom of speech,religion, and "life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" But these are words in the Constitution,and,like words in the Bible,can be twisted and misconstrued because man is imperfect. And they can be twisted to suit the needs of those in power

George Orwell says in Animal Farm"all animals are created  equal,but some are more equal than others"  This is why we have racism,sexism ageism and all the other silly predjucices floating around today.In some ways we are too free,lack discipline,we see it in our children,taught by parents too busy with their own stuff to guide their kids,you see it in the workplace,in real estate,inchurches,in schools.We have an empathy deficit here in this country,becasue we have too much,and not much of it has been really earned since our forefathers 200 years ago.

So when I hear people say Haiti is and always will be a mess,why give? or those Katrina people just want a free meal ticket,my blood boils.when I get emails that say"if you love God you will forward this,in God we trust" written after a hate email directed at our president or immagrants. WE throw the hate around like confetti,not stopping to thank God for all that we have,not thinking really that real people,just like you and me,are suffering,starving,being imprisoned for trying to speak freely.ARe being tortured,maimed and killed for their beliefs,as the world turns its head coldly away. Where is the freedom in that?

And,on a personal level this can happen too.One can draw you in like a moth to a flame,open up your heart and soul,and then,when you are fully vulnerable stomp on it. This can skew ones idea of freedom until one realizes that some people are just plain mean,and it has nothing to do with you,but is their stuff. And if you really want to be free,you will come to realize that you are still alive,can still live in the world,as life goes on,and sooner or later another teacher appears,another door opens,And you risk it all again,maybe with more caution this time,but open all the same,for just maybe,you will really be free.Free to be you,as God made you,and love and be loved for it.

I believe that freedom has to come from the inside out.What I mean by that is,until we learn to free ourselves of our own inner demons,predjuces,hatreds,fears,etc,we cannot fully be free,even if we live in a free country.

There are layers of freedom,like peelilng off the skin of an onion.Our government has been working on this for over 200 years,and still hasnt' gotten it right.But it is still better than living in China or Iran,or North Korea,for example. So politicians fight over this or that,each having an agenda,much like we,as indiviiduals have an agenda.

Unlike all others in the animal Kingdom,who live by instinct,with no ulterior motive but to be fed and procreate,we humans have both good and bad agendas.to love and be loved is a good agenda,in my book,but it is the hardest,most elusive goal on the planet.Why is it so diffiicult? BEcause we ourselves get in the way. BEing human,we want what WE will get out of a relationship.And some people take pleasure in exploiting a vulnerable person just becasue they can.It gives the narcisstic ego a little boost.

MOney and power are also at the center of a Capitalist copuntry such as ours.WE fight wars "to protect our interests",even if those very interests will wind up leading us down the road to complete extinction. Power is an aphrodesiac to some people,especailly politicians,who mostly run for office to have power over others,once again to give their egos a big boost.

So,it seems to me,we need to get our own selves free first.Look inward to our true motives and desires,and how we plan to acheive them.Do we care whether we plow over others to get what we want? or can we accept our powerlessness over anybody but ourselves.Can we accept the things we cannot change(like the weather) and change the things we can(like working for world peace or giving aid to those who need it most? Do we have the wisdom to know the difference?

I have found,for me,a rush of freedom from caring what other people think of me,after 65 years of  being a "people pleaser". I am now free to be myself,and,as long as I dont do harm to others,and work for the greater good,I will draw the people to me who share these goals,thus attaining "to love and be loved".You have to give it away to keep it" they say in AA,and I have found a newfound courage to be who I am,unafraid ofwhat some insecure people may say to try and tear me down.  And, as a result,I can now look outward,to my friends,to my community,to the country,to the world.

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I just read your blog, it is marvelous. You wrote the words that so many think yet are to afraid to act. Truly loved your thoughts and words. Look forward to more of your writings.