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end of summer blog
Husband and me at Acadia National Park

The end of summer is bittersweet for me. On the one hand,the Northeast has suffered the hottest summer on record,with temperatures in the nineties most of the summer.I do not like the heat,but I do like the slower pace of summer.This summer,being 66,I chose not to work.BEcause I am fortunate enoght to belong to a swim club,I spent each day swimming laps in the afternoon,and reading or talking to friends on the deck.I did my errands in the morning,jumping from AC car and back as fast as possible,gaspipng for air in the heavy wet blanket of Philadelphia heat and humidity.

THis summer we were fortunate to get away for two weeks in Maine.My husband and I toured Acadia National park,taking photos of stupendous views of Cadillac Mountain,seeing "thunder hole"an attraction much like a geyser type phenomenon,forged by nature into a gorge inlet from the sea,thundering up into high spray at high tide.

I swam in Echo lake,so pure and clean,with mountains surrounding me on either side,picnicked in the woods,and drove the whole "loop".The second week we spent with family,culminating having dinner on the way home with a very dear friend I had made on FB and his wife.

Two weeks passed,enough for me to get the house back into board of health standards,then we were off to my niece's wedding in TEnnessee.

I finished off the summer with last day of lap tally in our swim clubs 1000 lap club,coming in only 7th this year,due to some body parts not working up to par,ending at 2140.

ANd today is supposed to be another hot one.I will see the chiropractor,have lunch and do meditation,then go swim uncounted laps,except in my head. Labor Day marks the end of summer for me,and my teaching starts up.along with watching my kindergarten grandson play soccer and read me stories he has taught himself to read. And witnessing my little Anni turn 3,andawaiting the arrival of grandchild #3.

it has been a summer of spiritual quest,too,and I will embarking on a new spiriitual discipline starting in october,with the support of my very good friend,who introduced me to it.hopefully,karma will change,and in turn,I can do my small part in promoting world peace.