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recently I finished a book tht I loved so much I wanted to climb inside it and be in the story."Eternal on the WAter" by Joseph Monniger,was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.His writing style is poetic,kind of like Pat Conroy,who is also one of my favorites.

The story is a love story,but much more than that.It takes place on the Allagash River in Northern Mane,where 2 young teachers meet and fall in  love.  It is later discovered that the heroine has Huntington's chorea,and has been a member of the "chungamunga girls" a camp for those with terminal illnesses.EAch year they take a trip in their canoes on the Allagash River,with its challenging class 4 whitewater. THe setting is natural and pristine.The characters simple yet possesing a love of nature and all its inhabitants.

The couple travel to BAli,where her brother resides,saving sea turtles.

They return to New Hampshire get married and buy their dream house.AS her sickness progresses they try to live their life to the fullest,knowng that when "its time" she will chose to die.

She dies on the Allagash,after a gathering of all her friends and family,unafraid,and grateful for the wonderful life she has had.The story is poignant throughout,mixing thewonder of finding each other as true soulmates,only to have that shattered by her illness. And it shows the courage with which they all deal with that.

I would recommend this book to anyone who lies good writing,a good message,and wonderful characters.