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Review from Pam Tate from the Book Worm Book Club
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Eternity's Deception

Recently a pre-release copy of Eternity's Deception was sent to Pam Tate with the Book Worm Book Club in Tuscon Arizona. I have posted her review of the second book in the series. Again thank you so much Pam for taking the time to do this review.

March 2ND-2010

I was recently very happy to receive Ms.Caudill's second book Eternity's Deception via author release copy. I read her first book four months ago and was waiting to read her next look into her Eternity Trilogy.

I was definitely not disappointed by her creative work. I enjoyed her deeper look into the supporting characters as I am sure many of her readers will be as well. I also felt as though she gave the reader a deeper look into Corrine and Williams life and relationship. The dynamics of the two Covens was very powerful and gave this book a much deeper feeling. The return of the villain Todd Downs, only added to the danger element. I was moved by the feelings the author was able to get on paper regarding the deep and heart warming love that Corrine and William share. One chapter in particular was very gripping to me, when William faces his deepest fear. Ms.Caudill does an exceptional job putting the scene together and making the reader feel like they are actually there with the characters watching things happen. I was thoroughly pleased with Ms. Caudill's second book and look forward to reading many more from her.I anticipate Ms. Caudill's novels to achieve much success. I am pleased to give this my five Apple review and highly recommend this book to all Vampire fans and fans of love and devotion in general. Bravo to the Eternity Trilogy.


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