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Wonderful World of Sports...Ha!

Lets start today with suspended Cleveland Brown wide receiver Donte Stallworth. Stallworth is momentarily, notice the choice of word, momentarily, suspended from the NFL for killing Mario Reyes. Stallworth was convicted of drunk driving in Miami. He was convicted of drunk driving, not murder or manslaughter, which is what he should have been convicted of considering Mario Reyes is now dead due to the fact that Stallworth was drunk driving and killed him.

In a public statement Stallworth apologized and said he will conduct himself "in a manner that more accurately reflects who I am and meets the high standard expected of all NFL players." I think he believes we all just feel off the back of a pineapple truck heading down the Pali on its way to the West side of Maui and smashed our head into the pavement and lost all ability to decipher between truths and lies. What about an apology to society? He went on to say, "I recognize that there is a difference between the legal standard in my criminal case and the standard to which NFL players are held. It is clear I excercised poor judgement and caused irreparable hard to Mario Reyes, his family, the NFL, its owners, coaches, employees, and to my fellow players."

I am sickened by this statement. What harm did he cause to the owners, employees, and his fellow players? Less money in their pockets? Get off the kiss ass, bullshit train, and tell the truth! I want my job in the NFL paying me millions that I don't deserve back! The guy just might get it back! Goodell will be ruling soon if Stallworth can get his job back. At some point, as fans of the NFL, we have to start letting the NFL know this behavior is unacceptable and we don't want them back!

Meanwhile, Plaxico Burris is up in New York crying a river about his own criminal charges. The good news is, the idiot shot himself in the leg, no one else, while in possession of his illegal weapon. He is facing between 31/2 years and 15 years in prison. His defense is argueing that his fellow NFL comrade in Florida only served 24 days out of a 30 day sentence for killing someone.

I say, laws differ in every state, unfortunately for him, New York is strict on gun laws, and Florida allows NFL players that kill innocent civilians to get off with a band aid to cover up the stink that smells so bad we all need to wear gas masks! I say to Burris, head to Florida to party in a nightclub with an illegal weapon and shoot yourself in the leg down there in the Sunshine State where the laws are for the defendant! Until you do, shut up, and take your sentence!

Moving on, Orlando Magic Rashard Lewis tested positive for an elevated testosterone level, steroids, and was suspended for 10 days. Here we go with Florida and there unfair punishments again. Manny Ramirez, of the Los Angeles dodgers, yes it is MLB not the NBA, tested positive for steroids and was suspended for fifty games.

What does this tell you? It tells me if I am that if I am in the NBA draft I am praying that I am drafted by the Miami Heat or Orlando Magic, if in the NFL draft, I am begging God to be drafted by Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or Jacksonville Jaguars, in MLB, God willing, I will be picked up by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or Florida Marlins, and finally, if I am a stud hockey player, I will be crossing my sticks that the Florida Panthers or the Tampa Bay Lightning ask me to skate on over to their team! Once there, inject steroids, drive drunk, and kill all you want!

It seems the woman who is accusing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of raping her at a Lake Tahoe resort and casino where she worked has received dozens of threatening and harassing phone calls. I wonder if Kobe Bryant used the same tactics when he got off with raping a woman at an Aspen Hotel. Coincidentally, she was a hotel worker also. This tells me to stay away from guest relations if you have any sort of professional team staying as guests in your establishment!

There are so many stories to be told about professional sports and their serious misdiscretions. It is outrageous and as a fan of sports I am really starting to get sick. Excuse me while I go vomit!