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Unconditional Love

Do you believe in unconditional love? You know, the kind of love that can with stand any sort of treason or atrocity committed against you by the one you supposedly love unconditionally. I used to believe in unconditional love, but not anymore. I believe it exists, but I also believe it is a love that only a parent and child can attain. There is one more relationship that that sort of bond and love contain. I will get to that in a second.

Let me give you my definition of unconditional love. Unconditional love means, the person whom you love unconditionally can cause irreversible harm to you or a loved one, can continuously hurt you emotionally and physically, can disappoint you in great magnitude and on multiple occasions, yet, you continue to love that person, nurture them, and take them back in your life. Under those circumstances, very few people can garner unconditional love.

Unless of course, you are a parent. I can tell you with 100% conviction in my heart I love my children unconditionally. No matter what they do, I will always be there for them, and never, ever stop loving them. My children are my life, I breathe the air simply because I have them, and I never stop loving them even for a second! They can cause the world harm in a terrorist act and I would still forgive them and love them. I would not turn my back on them. I would love them and show them compassion while trying to reach them mentally to figure out why they have committed the acts they have committed.

At times we get angry at God when our life isn't going so well. We think to ourselves, "Where are you God? Why is this happening?" Anything bad in our life is happening because God loves us so much, unconditionally, and needs to teach his child or children, us, a lesson. Very much the same way that when our children screw up, as hard as it is, we must punish them, and hope they learn the lesson. If they learn their lesson, they are rewarded with our love, help, and nurturing. When I learn my lessons in life, doors open for me. I know God is smiling, for he didn't want to punish me, but I am His child and He needs to guide and love me.

I believe the one person that loves us unconditionally, and waits paitently for us to come to Him, is God! It is the same way you love your children. I am going to end with a quote from Kryon, "When you call upon the love of God and exercise pure intent, there will be miracles."

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That is really beautiful.

That is really beautiful.

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I think love and its

I think love and its meanings are different for each individual. Between man or woman,unconditional love can exist.As strong as you have with your children.