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Tiger, Tiger, oh Tiger

I am shocked, saddened, and deeply disturbed by Tiger Wood's transgressions.  Yes, I am all for forigive and move on, and we all will forgive Tiger, simply because of his athleticism and what he gives us: entertaintment, wonder, and the realization that anything truly is possible. 

Short of Michael Jordan, or I hate to say it, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods is one of the best athletes in the world.  But like his comrades, his ego seems to match his athletic ability. Tiger isn't the first nor the last professional athlete to cheat on his wife. I just didn't think anyone could match Kobe Bryant in the stupidity column on how to get caught cheating on your wife.  Yes, to me this is worse than Kobe being charged with rape.

Why did Tiger cheat on his gorgeous, loyal, and from what I have read, extremely kind wife?  To me it is simple: his elevated self-perception and ego that is continuously stroked by all the "yes Tiger whatever you say" people around him, didn't think he could be brought down.  Not only was he brought down, he was crushed!Why wasn't his perfect family and life enough?  Why did he have to go out and commiserate with women that could not hold a candle to his wife? Isn't it interesting that they were all brunettes with zero pedigree and his wife is a blonde beauty with a very distinguished lineage in Sweden? Does this mean Tiger really prefers brunettes that are from the wrong side of the track? Or did his ego need so much stroking that he had to feel like a man by manipulating a twenty one year old waitress from Vegas?

The good news for Tiger is we will forgive and forget. Hell, we all forgave the President of our country after he looked us in the eye through our television flat screens and swore he did not touch that woman.  But we will never respect him again.Respect is the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing to lose, along with trust.  It will take years before the public respects him again, and his legacy will forever be tainted by a woman who was the other woman but felt scorned because she found out she wasn't the only other woman.I feel sorry for this young girl and her stupidity.  She will learn and she will go on.  But she was used and she now knows it. What could be worse than falling in love with a super star ego maniac and then being discarded like a piece of trash on the side of the road? Not much, except the super star ego maniac calling you up and leaving a message asking you to change your voicemail to save his ass!  Disgusting!

Yes, Tiger wanted to save himself.  He gets to bury himself deep inside his Florida mansion, beg Elin for forgiveness, while people wait on him hand and foot and tell him how great he still is, meanwhile, the women left behind are labeled as sluts, sleaze bags, and still need to make a living!  Elin will forgive him.  She will even forgive him knowing that while she was pregnant and birthing their two children and taking care of the family he was out sticking it wherever he felt like. Should she forgive him to save her family? Only she can answer that question.  But she will never trust him again and once trust is gone the relationship has already dissipated. 

Good luck Tiger, you have a long road ahead of you to get to your destination: respect of your fans, trust of your family, and dignity within.