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Things Fathers Never Told Their Sons

Your dad never told you that girls can outwit, outsmart and outplay you. He told that to you for a good reason. He wanted you to learn these lessons on your own just as he did, because his father never told him that girls can manipulate like nobody's business.

Men more than women seem to be taken way off guard when dumped. That is because a woman will take some of the dirt you throw her way and act like everything is fine. But when the pile gets too big, she must lessen the load and off you go. A strong woman won't look back. She will say good-bye without a kiss or a pat on the back. The door will slam, the locks will be changed and out she will be that evening looking rather hot, searching for a man that can meet her needs.

Your dad never told you that a woman likes to have her back rubbed. A back rub is a must. If you do it with love your reward will be so great you will call her during the day and ask her when she can meet you again for another chance to lessen the pain in her lats.

Your dad never told you that girls like to get dirty. As long as you are pleasing your woman in many ways she will get down and dirty for any deed you want to take part in. Oh guys, I am talking dirt biking, four wheeling and even fly fishing.

Your dad never told you that women are great athletes, and have better memory skills than boys. Watch out, any woman that puts her mind to it can be an expert in sport statistics and whip your butt in sports trivia if she decides that is what she wants to do.

Your dad never told you, don't marry your mother. You don't want a woman that represents your mother. If you do, you have a problem, and a strong woman will call you out on it right away. The reason your dad didn't tell you not to marry your mother is he was afraid your mother might find out. Do you want to live that way?

Your dad never told you that a woman can handle separation and divorce much easier than a man. Your dad didn't want to bust your bubble and clue you into the fact that men need love and admiration much more than women do.

Finally, your dad never told you that he was once in total love with your mother. He at one point worshiped the ground she walked on. He would have bent over backwards for her. Then he took her for granted. He started to neglect her. He left her home when he went out. When he was home he ignored her, demanded food and forgot what foreplay was. He didn't tell you that he hasn't had sex in years. You know what your mother never told your father? Where she goes on those extended trips to the garden shop. Love your girlfriend or wife to the fullest and treat her with respect.

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The sting of reproach is the truth in it.

Heather, this blog uneased me. But it's not a new revelation. Men since antiquity understood this likely progression of affections. Thus they chose to subjugate their women (as many muslims still do today), gave them little say in the relationship, and held the power of execution for infidelity over their heads.

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Women and Girls........................

As we speak, I print this out and save it for my son. Very well put, Heather!