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Shaniya Davis: 5 Yr old sold as a sex slave and murdered......

What makes people tick?  What makes your minute hand move?  You second hand has to tick before your big hand can actually make a move. So why are some people's minute hands so out of whack that they cause their big hand to inflict pain and suffering on others. 

I mentioned earlier that my new favorite show is Criminal Minds.  The FBI department that is showcased in the show is called the BAU, Behavior Analysis Unit.  What they do is go to a crime scene, analyze the killer's methods and behaviors and put together a profile of the killer.

Yes guys, I know this is TV, but I also know that in real life they have profilers out there trying to figure out the Jeffrey Dahmer's and Ted Bundy's and John Wayne Gacy's of the world.

It seems that most of these killers, child molesters, rapists, psycho paths, and sadists came from rough child hoods.  They were abused as children, either sexually, mentally, physically or a combination of all three!  It seems that they take their anger out on society.  It makes the criminal feel in control to rape, beat and torture someone. The one thing they never had in their life is control.

I wonder what makes some people who lived the same life as these criminals become good outstanding and hardworking citizens and others predators against mankind.  I am sure some become control freaks in their relationships and work places, but they don't mutilate, rape and kill. 

My question is: what made Charla Nash the mother of a beautiful five year old little girl named Shaniya Davis sell her own daughter into sex slavery?  What in the hell went on in her life that was so bad, and made her feel so incompetent, pitiful, poor, and worthless to sell her own daughter to a man to use a slave for his every sexual desire?

The worst part is she had not been with her daughter for years.  Shaniya was being raised by her father and aunt.  The mother had asked the father for a chance to be a mother.  Charla got a job and a place to live and the father sent Shaniya to her mother with warmth in his heart and hope that the little girl could be a part of her mother's life.

As a woman who is a motherless daughter, I would have given anything to have a mother!  I see why this was important to give this mother a chance.  What a good man to do it.

Bam, he is blasted with the news that his daughter is reported missing. Then it comes out that the girls own mother sold her into sex slavery.  Worse yet, a video of the girl in the arms of the man who bought her is seen at a Comfort Inn.  They were about to enter an elevator. I am sure we all know what happened to that little girl after they exited the elevator and the door to their hotel room closed. 

The little girl was found dead on the side of the road.  The father was being held up as he sobbed, "Bless my little girl and bless those that didn't know better." 

I believe this story shows people at their worst that have no faith in God, and zero morals or scruples.  At the other end of the spectrum we have a loving and forgiving man whom tried to do the right thing, and instead of being bitter and angry, asked God to bless the people that stole, raped and killed his little girl.

The world is a weird place.  There is so much good, and so much evil. But if you let the evil take over, and become warped and angry, you just add to the energy of all that is bad.

Today, take a moment to be thankful for your children and your loved ones.  Grab your child today, hold him or her, give them a huge hug, and then look them in the eye and say, "I am so thankful for you, your safety, and I love you so very much."  Then close your eyes and say to God, "Thank you for your generosity, your love, and your continual presence in my life. May Shaniya Davis be running through the fields up in heaven right now and free from the evil that took her here on earth. God please send peace and love to Shaniya's family and help them deal with her loss. Amen."

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Amen. Susan


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double amen!

I,too wonder why some who come from terrible abusive childhoods grow up to be wonderful human beings while others become sciopaths.One of the most horrifying and moving books I read on this subject was DAvid Peltzer's trillogy in a book called "My Story" he was one of the worst documented cases of child abuse in the hisotry of California.He now has a family of his own..a loving and suportive wife,and a son he adores.How did he do it? it boggles the mind.He made peace with his mother(the abuser) and now goes about the country lecturing against child abuse.
I have decided to start a club here for others who are abuse survivors.I am one,but it was mild compared to what this poor little girl endured and others like her.
WE need to be advocates for these poor kids.They are our future.to me,my family is everything because I came from one that was broken and very sick. It is possible to break the chain.